winemaker magazine | Good resource for information about home winemaking, including articles, faq’s on wine issues, and comprehenisve list of resources
yeast strains chart | Common winemaking yeasts and the temperature, alcohol ranges, and types of wine they’re best suited for
wine chemical usage chart | List of common chemicals (eg Citric acid, casein, potassium metabisulphite) and what each is used for. Also includes guidelines on amount to add.
winemaking definitions | Ever wonder what brix REALLY means? what malolactic fermentation is? what causes “cork taint” in wine? This list of common wine terms will help.
the wine institute | Information about winemaking, harvesting, and winegrowing in California.
wine spectator articles | Tasting reports, industry news, and featured articles.
wine tannins | Good article about how tannins interact with tastebuds and how the interaction influences your perception of wine.
vinquiry | This company sells chemicals and equipment for analyzing wines, but they also have an extensive library of information about testing.